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The world of wine has developed a language of its own to describe the different tastes and varieties. Brush up on your terminology with useful information from your friends at High Country Cellars.

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Custom Fermented, Hand Crafted Fruit Libations
Custom Fermented, Hand Crafted Fruit Libations

Our Dry Wines are very good, higher ph, less tannins.  Makes for a really smooth wine.  Most are Reds, sometimes I do a charred batch for a mild smoke flavor.


Assortment of fruits we use:


Dry Wines

Blackberry……… Smooth, but bold.

Black Cherry…… Unusual, but delicious, just like a cherry.

Blueberry…… Distinctive with a full body.

Blush Muscadine…… Southern Heritage & unmistakable.

Cranberry…… Specialty MUST HAVE!

Orange Sangria…… Full body from a tropical combination of fruits.

Pomegrante…… Smooth with a bit of tart.

Red Muscadine…… Noble grapes that are grown in Dixie.


*Please keep in mind that we always have new wines brewing that may not have made the list yet.*

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